February 24, 2013

This Week

It was the flu
that got me down for the week.
And on those days
when my fever was high
and my body ached
I couldn't help wondering 
how I would ever survive the day
and started thinking to myself
how these were the most miserable days of my life.
And then I realized
my goodness
how lucky and blessed I am
that the hardest days of my life
have been because of a sickness
(that I know will go away eventually)
and tending to four smiling and energetic children
(well, one also sick, but even when he's sick
I think he still has more energy in his arm
than I will ever have in my whole body).
Speaking of Kacin,
he has gone down in my book as a hero.
Let's just say, that even though
we lived on the couch for the week
and our minds turned to mush 
going back and forth between tv, wii, and ipad,
When ever he noticed I needed help
with the two little ones
he stepped right up
no matter how he was feeling
and it was sweet and helpful and heroic.
He is a strong, good boy.

Natalie said...

I LOVE Kacin!!! I even had a tear or two after reading that! I am glad you guys are better... The flu is the worst thing ever!