February 10, 2013

Fun Times

Eric misses too much fun while he is away on business trips.
Things like
many bodily fluids and solids
coming out from their proper places.
In a matter of two and a half days,
I had more fun than should be allowed one girl.
I cleaned
poop out of the bathtub four times,
vomit in the car,
and, maybe the funnest of all,
two shredded to bits
dirty diapers
with contents spread throughout the bedroom
when someone dug them out of the diaper genie.
I think Eric was sad he missed out on all the good times.

When he got home
we tried to show him a good time
so he didn't feel left out.
But walking along a beautiful trail,
looking at ducks,
and eating out for dinner
don't quite compare with the fun things
we experienced while he was away.

Aren't you glad I'm sharing these pictures
and not photos from while he was gone?

blowing her nose face

As always,
we are so glad you are home, E!