January 23, 2013

Words of Mine

Quote board is up and running again. A sure sign of normalcy returning into our lives.

Some events last week made me project what it might be like to parent my boys as teenagers. And the glimpse that I had made me frightened. Those years are coming too quickly. I have been making a list in my head of specific things I need to do and become as a parent before we get there. Or we will not all survive. I really should go write that list down somewhere. . .

Two chickens died over the Christmas break. It was sudden. And it saddened all the males around here. We don't know cause of death, but chances are heart attack or female complications.

Eric started a new job at a new company. Wow. We can't believe it actually happened. He's been ready for a change for quite some time now. An opportunity fell in front of him and he took it. This is week two of the new job. He has a longer commute now (yuck). But there are many other great benefits (yay). And so we are trying to figure out his new schedule and adjust our lives and routines accordingly.

Kacin is recovering from ear infections in both ears. Four sets of tubes and we can't shake the ear troubles. Poor kid.

I am giving myself until the end of this week to have our library/office cleaned up. That room has become a catch all--papers, Christmas decorations, preschool stuff, church bags, primary projects, you name it and the room is holding it. But by the end of this week I am determined to get everything back in place.

The Littles are napping upstairs right now. Except D is not napping he is singing away. I love it! It is a sweet sound. Well, it is at least until he gets so loud and goes into high pitch scream mode that he wakes L up. Then, not so sweet. But, right now, I am happy listening to him sing and clap for himself.