January 27, 2013

Peek-a-Boo and Many Untalents

Kyler's Christmas gift to aunts, uncles, and grandparents
was a coupon book tailored for each person.
He made coupons for neck rubs, back rubs, playing games, cleaning, helping with children, etc.
And then he threw this one in there for Aunt Natalie
just to be funny.
It gave us a good laugh when she read it
and an even bigger laugh when we made him redeem the coupon.
He went into the high chair for added effect.
The coupon was for a game of


The Untalent Show this year
was a quick one.
But we still saw some mighty fine untalents.

Chugging a Taco/Tabasco sauce mixture . . .

frying bacon . . .

3 dancing girls . . .

One forward roll . . .

1st place finish on a Mario Kart race . . .
Yo Gabba Gabba reenactment . . .

And mom played us a game of pass the presents
and dad was very untalented at sleeping
and Natalie was untalented at getting on a plane and leaving us.

May we spend the year
discovering many more untalents
to be shared next time.
Until then!