January 28, 2013


Dad E always know how to bring the biggest smiles.
Dad E is one hundred percent involved in our kids lives and raising them to be happy and good.
Dad E changes diapers, wipes snotty faces, helps with projects, and has both genuine and silly conversations with our kids. 
Dad E impresses me each day
and makes me so grateful to share the role of parent with him.

And now here's where I have to include the only other pictures from our day at Pike Place Market . . .

Aly said...
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Aly said...

I haven't been to your blog in a long time. (Or anyone elses blog) but as I was putting away the Christmas cards I came across your beautiful family photo and saw the blog in the bottom corner. It's been so fun to look at your blog and see all the excitement in you life and your beautiful family. Also how fun to have all the family in town. Miss you and hope to see you all soon.
cousin Aly