January 16, 2013

2013 Begins

Allred Family Theme 2013:
 "Be Steadfast and Immovable Always Abounding in Good Works"
 Mosiah 5:15

We don't usually choose a scripture, but E and I had spent a few weeks talking and thinking about what we wanted our family to focus on this year. We knew the concepts that we felt would be good for us, but we couldn't find or think of a good phrase. The day before we were going to sit down and present the theme to our family, I realized this that was hanging on our wall was extremely fitting for the goals we had in mind (in front of our face the whole time!). E agreed. And that's how it came to be.

The question we will each answer on Monday night during FHE after we have said the theme together is simply "How did you live it this week?"

Our Goals:

1. One service project each month
2. Write in our journals each Sunday

1. Earn bobcat and wolf in cub scouts
2. Learn 2 magic tricks
3. Play Book of Mormon Stories on the piano
4. Use my skateboard once a week

1. Read the Book of Mormon again
2. Play two songs on the piano from the hymns mad easy book
3. Earn bear in cub scouts
4. Participate in a swim meet

1. Practice yoga 3 times a week
2. Communicate more often with my extended family 
3. Read the RS study manual

1. Read the Book of Mormon daily
2. Become healthier through exercise and better eating habits