December 31, 2013

Christmas Presents from Santa

Santa was oh so good to us this year.
(And he got good deals because half of his gifts were free because of nice neighbors cleaning out their closets, microsoft benefits, and foster care gifts. We feel so grateful!)

mmm, candy canes . . .
and see E's new golf bag
(now he just needs good weather and time to get out there and golf!)

air soft guns! Let's just say our backyard is now covered in the plastic bb's, but the boys are having a blast. Only a few minor injuries so far . . .

My big gift! :) so excited to replace those gold knobs . 

December 29, 2013

Eric is Older

Our primary class knew it was Eric's birthday yesterday so they started guessing how old he was. I think it's funny to hear both their guesses (42, 100, 36) and their reactions to such an "old" age of 32. I remember when 30 sounded ancient too. Little did I know then, but it's actually quite young.

Eric wasn't feeling well all day on his birthday :(. It probably didn't help that he spent all afternoon shopping with the boys. He went to get himself some new shoes and agreed to let them use some gift card/birthday money they had. Three hours and five texts (about how painful it is to take two kids shopping who want everything and can't decide on anything) later, they came home.

We celebrated with pumpkin pie. It's becoming tradition to do some pie smashing or whipped cream spraying. D was not about to let himself miss out on the fun.

Eric and I got to go out together for dinner to celebrate.

Happy birthday to my favorite person in all the world!

Kacin is 9

Nine years old!
We celebrated early with a birthday party not at home. Our first commercialized birthday party. Games, laser tag, frozen yogurt, a play area and no clean up for me. It was a really good choice for us this month. Everyone was happy.

The birthday boy spun the wheel and hit the jackpot--500 tickets!

When the big day arrived, our nine year old looked like this.

He chose the half-eaten pie to put his birthday candle in because he didn't want to wait for me to make a cake. He was anxious to open presents for the third day in a row.

We had a nice day at home playing with all the new stuff and watching the first Hobbit movie together since we finished reading the book up through that movie.

Love you, Kacin!

December 26, 2013

Christmas Peace

On Christmas Eve, I found myself in front of our tree admiring the Christmas lights and so grateful for a feeling of peace this Christmas season. We slowed down this year and I enjoyed the Christmas season in a different way--without the hustle and bustle and without a lot of worry about getting the "perfect" presents for everyone. Oh, we were still blessed with too much under our tree--lots that will keep us entertained and learning, and that will be useful too.

Our adoption will take place in just a few days and that brings the biggest peace--to think, our children will be ours legally and then we can prepare to head to the temple to be sealed as an eternal family. What peace being a forever family brings!

I am so blessed to have peace in my marriage--we don't always see eye to eye, but we work things out. Eric has given me a lot of strength and comfort.

My greatest peace comes from my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for his birth, his life, the atonement, and his resurrection. I understand His plan of happiness. I find so much peace all year long because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

December 24, 2013


While I've been finishing up on the wrapping of presents and stuff,
the kids have been busy creating today.

This week, we have discovered that L loves building with Legos. And we could possibly even argue that she has a longer attention span working with those things than her two older brothers. But now all four kids happily build with Legos together.

As a side note, did you notice L's cute shorts over her pants. I love a 2 year olds style. Even when we were out doing a final stop at the store this morning.

(Pointing out some toys she saw in the window.
The next thing she pointed out was a life-size of CeeLo Green which she called "Daddy")

Look at the cute hat Kacin made.

He taught Ky how to do it, and Ky decided to enlarge it and make a wearable version.

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

December 22, 2013

First Recital

Here they are ready for their first piano recital.

Kacin played "A Merry March" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful"

Kyler played "The First Noel" and "Miniature Sonatina"

Sweetest moment of the night when L cuddled up with her brother during the performances.

Thanks for being a wonderful teacher, Dzana! (and for putting up with our lack of practice and high energy :) )

December 20, 2013

First Snow

The kids were so excited for a little snow around here today. Of course, they canceled school so we've had the whole day to play . . .