December 22, 2012

Lights and More Lights

Someone in our family
said to me last night
that we haven't gone to see Christmas lights this year.
Say what??!
Maybe we haven't made a special trip
to drive around in the car to see them,
but we have definitely laid eyes
on some beautiful lights this season.
We started with those zoo lights,
and just this week
we have strolled through the Botanical Gardens
and Warm Beach.
At the Botanical Gardens we met up with our good friends the Caltons
(who I miss dearly since they have moved).

Our trip to Warm Beach was our mini-vacation.
On the first day of Winter Break we all spent the morning cleaning
and going through shelves and closets.
By the afternoon we were ready for some fun.
We drove north, not too far at all,
and checked in at a hotel.
We spent the evening at Warm Beach
and the next morning swimming.

Making our own wooden yo-yo's at the Toy Shop


Bruce the Spruce: The Talking Tree

Train ride!

I am now a big fan of the mini-vacation--
all the perks of a vacation
(eating out, hotel with pool, relaxing, and getting out)
minus the long travel.
There you have the proof
that we have seen
many, many beautiful Christmas lights this season.
Darcee said...

I saved your Christmas card envelope so I could get mine in the mail to you, but it has somehow disappeared. Could you send me your address so I can drop a belated Christmas greeting in the mail for you? Pretty please?
darcee at utwire (dot) net