December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

What a Merry Christmas!
A very busy Christmas, too.
Santa was entirely too good to us.
Kacin, like always, was the first one up on Christmas morning.
He climbed into bed with us
and we eventually convinced E it was time to wake up
then L joined us
and when Kyler climbed out of bed
it was finally time.
E was first down the stairs to turn on the lights on the tree
while the rest of us anxiously waited at the top.
As is becoming tradition,
E told us Santa missed us this year,
but the boys know better and called his bluff.
After racing down the stairs,
our eyes beheld
all the wonderful gifts Santa brought us.
Legos, skateboards, bikes, a camera
everyone's wishes fulfilled.

After looking through stockings and admiring gifts,
I got started on breakfast
while the boys got started on Legos.

We got D up for breakfast
and showed him that Santa came.

The sleepy head was much more interested in L's bike.
(In turn, she always had her eye on his red bike.)

Then it was time for more presents.
We opened the gifts from each other
and from some extended family.

We didn't have too much time to sit around.
The afternoon consisted of a drive, a visit,
and four of us at the movies.
By evening time
we were all pretty tired.

I do feel like we were all so spoiled this year.
And looking at what I snapped pictures of
it seems our Christmas day was focused on those gifts.
I wish I could've captured more from our day--
the pleasant conversations, the reminders of the real meaning of Christmas,
all the joy and excitement the day holds, talking with some extended family,
the food, the playing together, and the helping each other.
Christmas day was about family, fun, and making happy memories.