November 22, 2012

Thanks For . . .

I handed the camera off to Kacin who passed it to Ky who passed it back to me in lieu of the littles who passed it on to Eric. E hooked up the camera and we gathered around the TV to share some of the things we are grateful for.

We all agreed that very top on our list was each person in our family.

But we are also grateful for  . . .


a couch to hang out on
 Chewie because she's teething (which was originally D's Chewie)
 shoes to take on and off
 a place to eat and eat (L likes food)
 Baba to drink from at night

a cuddly blanket
 drawers to open and close and toys to take in and out
 a dustpan and a broom to carry around
 a drawer in the kitchen to take things in and out
 Sesame Street

a garbage to throw things away that we don't need
 lights to see
 a piano to play
 clocks to know what time it is
 couches and pillows (probably to jump on because that's what Kacin does)

Avengers (the latest obsession)
 the Star Wars wii game to play
 a TV and wii to play games on
 Star Wars Legos to build
 food to eat


running water and a faucet that does not leak anymore
 that I can teach preschool, and that I have 4 kids that get into everything on the days I don't teach
 notebooks, paper, and pens to write lists and thoughts and notes
 bookshelves overflowing with good books
 most importantly,
my Savior, Jesus Christ


Chickens and their eggs
 Dr. Pepper (was there even a question that this would be on his thankful list?)
 my side of the bed (before taking this picture E spread the blanket out a little to give you the appearance that we make the bed. we don't. I gave up on that one.)
 a Movember moustache (for the record, I don't get a choice whether or not he grows this thing)
 the diaper genie to curb diaper smells