November 16, 2012

Power of Touch

I am no expert on such things,
but boy have I seen a difference in D
and I'm attributing it to the power of touch.

The first couple weeks here,
he would scream and pull away
if ever we touched him--
carry him, take his hand, rub his back,

L always wanted me to hold her
and carry her
and it didn't take long for me to bond
with that sweet, beautiful girl.

D kept resisting.

I can remember two pivotal moments
during those first few weeks here.

One. We were outside and he was melting down.
Like majorly.
I had the Ergo carrier nearby
and survived without being knocked out by
his flailing arms and legs
while placing him in close to me.
He soon settled down
and hummed quietly to himself.
His head was resting on my shoulder
and I hope he felt safe.

Two. A few hours after putting him to bed,
D was still awake
lying in his toddler bed
babbling to himself.
I went in to check on them and gather sippy cups.
He was smiling
and he let me scoop him into my arms
and rock him back and forth.
I snuggled him up.
I believe that was the first moment
my heart really swelled
with love and happiness
for the opportunity to care for the little guy.

With these moments,
and others like them,
and with more time
we have made it to a place
where D seeks us out,
hugs, kisses, sits with us, and holds our hands.
He comes to us when he needs help.
He tantrums less and smiles and listens more.
He is responding and learning.
Touch is powerful
in increasing attachment and trust.
Cheston said...

This is proof how amazing you are!! :) We miss you!

Cheston said...

And that was actually Natalie writing... but Cheston would not mind his name attached to these comments :)

Jenna Allen said...

This really warms my heart, sister. I'm so proud of you all!

Barb said...

You are a miracle. Truly!