November 12, 2012

Game Night

Church at 1pm means no naps for the little ones on Sundays, which means a couple hours of tantruming rambunctiousness, which means an early bed time, which means a much needed game night for four of us.

Since the little ones joined our family, we have tried to be mindful of spending time and giving attention to the boys. They need one-on-one time. We need it, too. Doing an activity together doesn't always happen as often as it used to or as often as we'd like it to, but we try to take advantage of the moments. And I think, most importantly, I've tried to be more present when I'm around them. My mind is prone to wandering, so I am being more conscientious of being there for them-- listening to them and cherishing the moments I get with them, including the silly stories and questions (yeah but not always the burps and whines. I need more practice cherishing those I think). I love these boys and I hope they know it.
Darcee said...

Yay for game night and Killer Bunnies! We know the feeling of needing to attend to older kids all too well. For the longest time game night was near extinct at our house, but they are returning because the girls have learned to play Killer Bunnies! (that's about the only game we can play as a whole family, so we do!)