November 26, 2012

Feast and Fun

Happy Thanksgiving!
We are thankful for good food, friends, family, and games.
We gathered with some friends for the big feast.
Looky there.
We managed to get at least part of everyone's head in that there picture.
 The boys are becoming pro's at setting the table.
They remembered better than I did which side the fork goes on.
 E's grilled turkey
that he planned for weeks.
It was a mighty fine,
flavor filled, juicy bird.
Nice work, E.
The wishbone
that resulted in two-handed cheating
and a fight.
I never did pick up my camera for a picture,
but in the evening we gathered with about 6 other families
down at the church building
for a game night.
We pulled out cards, games, and balls
crafts,and treats
and I think everyone had a good time.