November 8, 2012

Are You Aware?

It's Adoption Awareness month, you know.

Every day is adoption awareness for me--
questions, caseworkers, school projects,
therapy, dr.'s visits, feelings, and conversations
make sure of it.

I love that there is a whole month
dedicated to helping everyone be more aware of adoption.

I know that my own understanding of adoption has grown over this last year. I've expanded my definition of adoption to include the words fresh start. A fresh start for kids, birthparents, couples, and families. I've wrestled with understanding why someone would hesitate to adopt simply because they think they can't love a child who wasn't their own flesh and blood (if you can love your spouse unconditionally, you can learn to love a child. Same principle.) I've felt strongly that we are not looking and waiting for just any children, but for our children. And unfortunately that may mean passing up opportunities to welcome someone into our home. I've learned that adoption is practically synonymous with patience and waiting. I've become grateful that adoption teaches you to trust and rely on God and others. I understand that adoption touches so many of us in many uniquely different ways. Adoption is beautiful.

I hope that at least one person somewhere, sometime during this month will begin to understand adoption a little better. A greater awareness will bring more miracles and joy for many kids and families.