November 1, 2012

All Halloween

Let's start with the good stuff . . .
And lots of it.

Please ignore the blurry spot on each of the pictures.
I couldn't figure it out
while I was snapping pictures,
but I think it's just a smudge on the lens.
Insert Christmas present plug.
This just proves it.
And if a certain husband of mine
ever reads this
he should take note that I am in need
of photography lessons
because maybe then
I would think about stuff like that
and take better pictures.


 The trick or treating crew
ready to dash out the door. . .

Wanna check out those costumes a little better?
Then lets go back to Saturday's ward Halloween bash
where I managed just a few more pictures than on Halloween night.

Yeah, these Smurfs won a prize for best costume 
at a friend's Halloween party.

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween
without the jack-o-lanterns.
Eric and the boys completed their pumpkins
just in time--
right before dinner on Halloween night.

This year I got a special treat.
It was early release at school
and while babies napped
I got this invitation.
(You're invited to a party
at 3:15 in Kyler and Kacin's room.)

When I got to the door,
I took a deep breath
and "Prepared for my doom"
just as the sign says.

I entered the room
to find Kyler
"biting" Kacin
while Kacin screamed.
Creepy scary stuff, my boys!
But it was followed by
a pleasant finger puppet show.

And then a game of 2-Square.

Some silliness and some M&M's  . . .

and it was a smashing Halloween party.
My boys know how to have a good time.
Love these guys.

Happy Halloween 2012!