October 9, 2012


Besides the fact that I spent
3 days and 2 nights
terrified that I would get attacked by a bear,
or that the volcano would erupt,
or that there would just be a giant earthquake
as we were hiking along a canyon,
besides those fears of mine
that haunted my mind
the entire time,
Yellowstone was a pretty cool place.
We lived off of Cup of Noodles and
explored much of the park.

Old Faithful . . .


Setting up camp . . .

On our second night camping,
it started to rain.
You betcha.
It rained and then poured
until Eric (sleeping on the edge)
was soaked and there were puddles in our tent.
We made a dash for the car
and spent the rest of the night
sleeping quite uncomfortably
but a little drier.


The boys worked hard
to become Jr. Rangers.

Goodbye Yellowstone!