October 10, 2012

Wrapping Up that Summer Trip

Now that it is October
it is time to move on from
the end of August's vacation.
But not before I record some random
things that didn't make any of my other posts
about the trip..

Whats an Allen gathering without games?
We broke out Settlers, Canasta, and

The Saint and Hot Sauce.
When mom and dad moved to WY,
Jacs and Josh snuck the saints
into their stuff.
When Jacs left before we did
and dad told us the statues were in the car with them,
we believed him and thought we had gotten away free.
While in Yellowstone,
we discovered this stowaway.
I was so tempted to drive the 3 hours back
to return this thing to my parents.
(But it all worked out because we were able
to pass him on to Jenny just a few weeks later
when Eric had his business trip.)

In the grocery bag next to the saint
is a whole stash of Macayo's taco sauce.
Our little family loves that stuff on everything.
We can't buy it here
so Jacs smuggled some to us.
Like 8 bottles of it.

My ipad was nothing but trouble for us.
It did provide a small amount of entertainment
on our way to WY,
but also caused a two hour delay.
To break up the trip,
we stopped at a hotel in Spokane.
And that's where I left the ipad
the next day.
We realized it after we had been on the road about an hour.
So we drove back for it.
And lost a lot of time.
And the great thing is
two days later,
coming home from church,
I had a whole bunch of stuff piled on my lap,
ipad included,
and when I got out of the car,
I didn't have my hands on it all
and the ipad dropped
and the screen shattered.

A few weeks later,
Mr. Resourceful himself
(my hero!)
saved us about $300
by ordering a screen and a tool
borrowing a heat gun tool thing
and fixing it himself.
He's so good.

In our race to visit every state in the US,
the rule is it only counts as a visit if you stay the night there
or if you actually do something there.
Our driving route brought us through Montana
and E and I both needed to check this state off our lists.
So on the way home,
we stopped at a random historical site.
It had something to do with where the rivers met.

And then we tried out Montana's DQ.
They messed up like 5 times on our order
and on charging us
so we ended up with two extra blizzards.
And those blizzards melted
all over me
before we could get to them
so we made another Montana stop
to throw them out.

Montana is done.

And that pretty much concludes
our road trip.
Until next time!