October 25, 2012


Soccer has consumed our lives
since August.
While the boys love it,
and we are enjoying watching them,
I will be the happiest girl alive
when I do not have to run someone to and from practice,
and hunt down soccer balls and water bottles
four days a week.
Not to mention
that come November
I will have less laundry to wash
(no more sweaty, muddy, dirty uniforms
and practice clothes)
and we will have our Saturdays back.
Man, I sound a little ready for soccer season to end. . .
The purpose of this post
was not for me to let you know how desperate I am
to move on from soccer,
but to show the world
that Kyler and Kacin
are the cutest soccer players out there.
They score goals, they assist, they run fast
and they look good out there.
Too bad these pictures
don't do their skills justice,
But you get the idea.