October 7, 2012

Sinks Slide

My dad went back to work
And so the boys, E, and I
headed back up Sinks Canyon
in search of the natural slide we had heard about.
It was only about a mile hike,
but the heat was getting to us
(I'm so not used to 90 degree weather anymore!).
We took it slow
and the chilly river water was very welcomed
for the most part.
We made it to our destination.
but unlucky for us,
because of the drought,
the waterfall was teeny tiny
compared to its normal size.
But it was still slideable.

Kacin and Kyler have no fear whatsoever.
They were hardly intimidated by the drop.

Eric hesitated, but took the first slide.


 And survived!

It was Kacin who gave us quite the scare.
It was terrifying for me to watch.
As he was making his way to a spot to slide down,
he slipped before he was ready
and as he went off the edge
he turned
and hit his forehead on the rock.
It was so lucky that he didn't knock himself out.
I was ready to jump in after him,
but he came up out of the water
and swam over to me.
He was slightly shook up and had a little bump,
but was rearing to go try it again.

 So here they went . . .




Yeah, I never did do the slide.
If the water had been warmer
I definitely would have tried.
But I'm not a fan of freezing cold water.

It was beautiful there
and fun to have a natural waterpark to ourselves.