October 13, 2012

Little Steps

I am so
with all the little steps of progress
this week!
Like seriously excited.

D clapped by himself for the first time!
We had been working with him
and helping him clap his hands together.
Then one day I was holding him
And said "yeah!"
And he smiled and clapped!
All by himself.

And then
we were driving in the car
and when we were stopped
I turned around and waved hi to him
And he looked at me and
waved his hand back!

Today when he was finishing breakfast
Kacin offered him the choice
Between his cup and a banana.
Instead of grabbing something
and chucking it across the room
He actually shook his head no.

And now sweet baby girl, L
took her first two steps
last night!

I am proud and happy and hopeful.
Jenna Allen said...

So glad!

Natalie said...

I am always amazed at how great of a parent you are Laura... I want to be like you!!! :)