October 29, 2012

This and That

Every time Kyler says the family prayer before bed, he asks that the babies won't cry when we put them to bed. Sometimes that's the only thing he says in his prayer.

I was so worried about the boys riding the bus to school this year. I had every reason to be. Especially when the bus driver assigns my little 2nd grader to sit with two 5th grade boys. They were mean ones they were. They teased and called names and it went too far when one of them whacked Kacin on the head. I called the school and thought we got the issue addressed, so it broke my heart when  Kacin came home again and told me some more terrible things the boys had said and done. I called the school again and I'm hopeful it will be resolved this time.

Each week Kacin comes home with perfect scores on his spelling tests.

Kyler has embraced third grade with triple the amount of homework that he's ever had. This week he even started using his bus time wisely and gets as much homework done on the bus as he can. That means more time to play at home!

After a two month break, I think I've decided to start taking piano lessons again. But I'm reducing my lesson time to just once a month. Better than nothing, I suppose.

E humored me and took our family of 6 out to eat at a sit down restaurant. He told me just the idea of it stressed him out. But I was so wanting to get out of the house on that rainy day. I convinced Kacin we should and he in turn convinced His dad. I sat by D and E was next to L and we all did good. Yeah for getting out of the house together!

October 25, 2012


Soccer has consumed our lives
since August.
While the boys love it,
and we are enjoying watching them,
I will be the happiest girl alive
when I do not have to run someone to and from practice,
and hunt down soccer balls and water bottles
four days a week.
Not to mention
that come November
I will have less laundry to wash
(no more sweaty, muddy, dirty uniforms
and practice clothes)
and we will have our Saturdays back.
Man, I sound a little ready for soccer season to end. . .
The purpose of this post
was not for me to let you know how desperate I am
to move on from soccer,
but to show the world
that Kyler and Kacin
are the cutest soccer players out there.
They score goals, they assist, they run fast
and they look good out there.
Too bad these pictures
don't do their skills justice,
But you get the idea.

October 24, 2012

And Good Night

I have recently started
at least two posts
that will never be finished.
Because I wrote them at the point of
When I really should've just
gone to take a nap,
but instead I freely penned
to release
about some crazy days.
And those words will not make sense to you
and will be misread
and they are not pleasant.

Some days just get ya,
don't they?
and you forget
that you wanted
actively sought for
the opportunity and the blessing
of motherhood.

But for every bad day,
or bad moment,
there are a slew of good days,
and even more good moments.

Smiling eyes,
sneaking a few minutes
to yourself
to finish a book,
husbands that gladly take over dinner feedings
and diaper changes,
hearing which girls have a crush on Kacin,
a boy who claps,
a girl who laughs,
a hug in the morning,
a cuddle at night,
finally finishing some paperwork,
kids who tell you they love preschool
and that you are the best teacher ever,
a hot shower,
greetings at the bus stop,
holding hands,
a family song and prayer

And with all that
and more
I can lay my head down tonight
knowing that my to do list
did not get any shorter
but the moments

October 23, 2012

Fall at the Farm

This is quickly becoming my favorite family tradition.
It almost makes me excited for the seasons to change
and Fall to come.
I love summer too much.)

We headed down to a family fun farm
for games, rides, a corn maze, and pumpkins.
The weather could not make up its mind.
There were clouds, then sun,
and while we were in the middle of the corn maze,
there was hail and rain,
and more rain.
I guess you could say,
it was a typical, chilly Washington day.
But we could not be deterred
from fun at the farm.

October 16, 2012

Conference Weekend

As is tradition,
on the weekend of General Conference,
we got our new pajamas.
I love how excited the boys get about it.

It was impossible
to get a good picture of all of us together.
My settings were off on my camera
and I can't remember
what Jacqui taught me so I can fix it
and I haven't taken the time to figure it out.
it was difficult trying to use the timer
and keep everyone in the same spot.
D was very distracted with outside toys.

We love relaxing and cuddling and watching conference together.
D was mesmerized
whenever the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang.
Besides nap time,
when that choir was singing
was the only time someone wasn't screaming
or throwing something
or running around the house getting into everything.

October 15, 2012

Big Babies

Just look at these guys.
Have they regressed?

During bedtime diaper changing
they snuck off with
two diapers
and came back in
to give us all a good laugh.
Silly boys.

October 13, 2012

Little Steps

I am so
with all the little steps of progress
this week!
Like seriously excited.

D clapped by himself for the first time!
We had been working with him
and helping him clap his hands together.
Then one day I was holding him
And said "yeah!"
And he smiled and clapped!
All by himself.

And then
we were driving in the car
and when we were stopped
I turned around and waved hi to him
And he looked at me and
waved his hand back!

Today when he was finishing breakfast
Kacin offered him the choice
Between his cup and a banana.
Instead of grabbing something
and chucking it across the room
He actually shook his head no.

And now sweet baby girl, L
took her first two steps
last night!

I am proud and happy and hopeful.

October 11, 2012

Water Fight!

Water balloons, water guns, and popsicles
were a perfect combination
for the last day of summer.
Last minute, we called some friends over
and the big kids went at it
with teams and everything
and the younger bunch ran around
and had their own water balloon fun.