September 19, 2012

Outings With Four

I took out all four kids by myself for the first time one week ago.
Kyler had soccer practice.
I wrestled two kids into car seats
remembered Ky's water bottle
snacks and diapers.
When we arrived on time,
I was feeling very proud of myself.
I got the double stroller out of the trunk
and loaded everyone in.
We played at the park while Kyler practiced with his team.
I was the mom handing Ky his water bottle
watching Kacin on the monkey bars
feeding snacks to L
and the one everyone was staring at while D
tantrumed on the ground.
As we walked back to the car after practice,
I noticed someone left their trunk open.
And that someone was me.
Almost flawless.

On the days I don't teach preschool,
D, L, and I walk with the boys to the bus.
Well, the little ones don't walk.
They ride in the stroller.
One time, I had L in the Ergo carrier
and tried to hold D's hand and walk to meet the boys at the bus stop.
Bad idea.
I tried to corral D in the direction he needed to go.
He was not having that.
Instead, he was throwing himself on the ground
and screaming,
and trying to go the other way,
AKA into the street
and the complete opposite direction of the bus stop,
and then screaming and flailing some more.
A persistent little guy he is.
We never made it to the bus stop that day.
Eventually Ky and Kacin made it to us
and assisted me in persuading and carrying the little guy home.
Strollers are now a must for us.

There was a very pleasant outing on Saturday.
Our family of six
last minute
decided to go to the zoo.
The zoo was good to us.
Nice weather, no crowds, walking, playing,
and with two pairs of adult hands
all went well.