September 3, 2012

Night's Like This

Every once in awhile
it's like the stars align--
everyone in our home gets along
and there is laughter
and a simple evening at home
goes even better than
E and I could have planned.

Every Monday night is our Family Home Evening night.
But tonight's FHE was the last of the summer vacation.
School starts in just two days.
It felt like we needed to do something
before we send our boys off into the world
for 7 hours a day.
I came across a quote today
and wrote it up on our quote board and
E and I thought it was fitting
and a perfect time
to lead a little family discussion

It was not a perfect, complex, or life-changing lesson,
but a simple discussion
as a family
that felt satisfying.

Two years ago we started the tradition
in which Eric gives a father's Priesthood blessing
to each of us
before school starts.
He did that tonight.
And as I sat there on the couch
and I listened
to the blessings
I felt love for each of my boys
and proud of who they are becoming.
I felt so grateful for the Priesthood
and that Eric chooses to be worthy
to use the priesthood which he holds.
I felt how important families are
and how happy I am to have mine.

Later, after enjoying a few oreos,
we picked up the book
Chickens in the Headlight's
and continued reading it where we had left off
before our vacation.
This is one of the funniest books ever.
We all laugh and laugh through every chapter.
At one point, Eric was laughing so hard
I had to take over the reading.
Even Kacin asks to read this book,
so you know it's a good one.

And basically that is how a rare
near perfect
evening went in my house tonight.
It's night's like this
that make me glad to be a wife and mother,
even though I still think they are all crazies sometimes,
there is still a lot of good and happiness and fun
in my life
because of two boys and a handsome man.
AnneMarie said...

Sounds like an awesome evening!

Elaine said...

Hey Laura, I do read your blog :) And I just want to say that your Elvis party looked awesome! What cute ideas! And my husband needs DP 10 on trips too. I think chickens are gross but Sean wants some. After your post I just don't know if I can handle them. Good luck with your foster care journey. I don't know much about how it works but I'm sure some lucky kid will someday be so grateful you were patient and persevered with what you felt was right.