September 21, 2012

Fort Washakie, WY

Forgive me while I jump back and forth
between real time
and days past.

It's just a reflection on my scattered life.
I start all too many things before a finish any one of them.

But there we were at my parents current abode . . .
Fort Washakie, WY

eating at the local restuarant . . .

and seeing the sights.
We looked at some shops, explored Sinks Canyon,
and kayaked on the lake.

And then we said goodbye
to Jacs, Josh, Macie, and Jen
to make their long drive home
back to AZ.

The next day,
we were down at the Lander pioneer musuem.

And then we said goodbye
to the Texas family.

Our first
"Allen Family Reunion"
and we will call it a