September 2, 2012

Cub Scout Day Camp

Archery, fishing, food, wood working--
Kyler was in heaven
for four whole days.
He came home each afternoon
and filled with happy stories and fun memories.

His Wolf bank from woodworking. . .
Watching the Egg Launch with his den. . .

In this girl's hand is Ky's Egg package.
He did it 100% by himself.
I just listened as he explained his idea
and watched as he created and tested.
He did two layers of batting and tinfoil
around his egg.
He taped it together
and viola!
One egg ready to be lauched.

Did it survive?

You bet!
Well, it survived until he showed his den leader
went in for a high-five
and dropped the egg at the leader's feet.

His certificate at the end of the week. . .

To think,
next year I will have TWO boys off to scout camp!