September 9, 2012

a branch, a ranch and pictures

On Sunday morning, we said goodbye to the Lodge,
and drove the hour to Fort Washakie.
We attended, and basically ran, my parents' branch meeting.
Jacqui was nursery teacher, Stef and I helped with primary,
and the son-in-laws gave the talks in sacrament meeting.
It's true, we nearly doubled the attendance.
But we met some good people there.
The church is true no matter where you are at
or how many are with you.

That afternoon, Jacqui organized us for family pictures.
I love having a photographer in the family!
And she is GOOD.
(FYI She'll be in the Seattle area in January if anyone is interested
in the best photo shoot you'll ever have . . .)
Check out her website

Our photo location was my mom's friend's ranch.
It was perfect.

 Jacqui did not take this picture. Jenny used my camera.

 Hanging around as each family had their turn . . .

 Happy days for the kids! There was a swing.

 Time for the kid pictures. Good luck.