August 19, 2012

The Death of Elvis

Big Warning:
Do not read on if you love chickens alive.
Or if you are a vegetarian.
Or if it makes you sad to see something be murdered.
Or if you do not like blood.

The guys in my family
do not have any problem with any of the above.
The fence divides life and death

Everyone knows I do not like animals.
But I do not like to watch them die either.
So I took a few pictures and then passed the camera on
and tried to hide in the house and pretend
like nothing was happening outside.

This was working well.
Until Kyler came into the house splattered in blood.
Chicken blood on his face, arms, and clothes.
Oh, the disgustingness.

There had been a little mishap,
and blood went everywhere
on everyone.

The guys did not seem bothered by it.
I was.

They finished cleaning the chicken.
They looked at its heart and gizzard.
Eric said it was a good anatomy lesson for the boys.

And now today they plan on cooking him up.
I don't know yet if I will be able to eat Elvis.

Elvis was a good chicken.
His only fault was that
he ended up being a rooster.
And we can't have one of those around.

Until about a week ago,
Kacin wanted to keep that rooster around
no matter what.
He told us he would hide it in his room
so Eric wouldn't kill it.
He got really upset anytime the subject came up.

one of Kacin's regular early morning visits talking to the chickens 

In the end,
it didn't take much to persuade him.
He was very intrigued with the idea
of dissecting
the rooster
and getting to see it's insides.

Boys are gross.
The Kovar Family said...

You should know that Andy and I are literally laughing out loud over here.