August 16, 2012

Never Dull

my life before kids must have been so dull.
Utterly dull
compared to this.

I inspected an armpit.
It's not every day you get to examine
an armpit
for injuries.
Well, today was my lucky day.

One of my little guys
has a lot of emotion
to express.
And today he screamed
and stomped
and screamed at me
that he wanted to go pull weeds.
All he wanted in that moment
was to go pull weeds.
I never thought I'd ever
see a fit thrown
over someone wanting to pull weeds.

I watched a future super star at his soccer practice.

I was entertained by backflips on the monkey bars
and tricks on the bike.

I was dogpiled on the trampoline.

And I put an end to two conversations about
poop and toots.

Never a dull moment.