August 23, 2012

Elvis is in the Building

It just so happened that Elvis the rooster
had to be taken out of this life
on the same week
as the anniversary
of Elvis Presley's death.
It was pure coincidence.
Pretty morbid, really.

The week of August 16th
is always Elvis Week.
There's a big celebration in Graceland.
I probably won't ever get the chance to attend it,
so why not bring the celebration

the invite . . .

I seriously had two boxes
of Elvis paraphernalia
out in the garage.
You gather stuff like that
when you take a college course
on Elvis Presley
(fine art credit!)
and admit to your grandma
that you are on Elvis fan.
It works great when you throw an Elvis party.
You don't have to buy a thing.

after the party . . .
The boys acted as the welcoming committee
and directed guests to the backyard.
Here they are practicing . . .

We served
Elvis's classic
fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches
and a bacon wrapped appetizer.
And then played a little Elvis trivia
with games mixed in.
Basically, if your team did not answer
the question correctly
you participated in an
Elvis related challenge.

the Elvis phrase choir

strike a pose!

applying the sideburns

more sideburns

Teddy Bear relay

ain't nothin' but a hound dog

blue christmas

Heartbreak hotel

time for some karaoke

we can embarrass ourselves too

dancing at the end

Elvis lives!