July 30, 2012

And the Beach Happened

and so we packed a dinner and went to the beach.

and tried not to think about how the Stock's would soon be leaving us.

and we built a fire.

and all the men gathered.
and looked very manly.

and the boys rejoiced on the water.
and walked on the water.
and hiked up their shorts and splashed through the water
and did push ups on the water.
and they did not want to leave the water
even though it was mighty cold, in my opinion.
and we snapped the best Allred-Stock picture ever.
and it only took 5 tries. 
and Rilla made her way into the water.

and was happy.

and boys climbed on the logs and rocks.

and chelsea took candid pictures.

and eventually we all made it up on the log.
 and then some of us nearly fell off.
and we smiled because no one actually fell to their death or a broken bone because parents are heroes.

and we were mad that Nash is a Laker now.
and so we burned him and found peace.