July 30, 2012

Taebo Kid

Kyler really wants to take karate.
But with soccer and swimming and everything else,
it's not really an option right now.
So the other day when he asked again about karate classes,
I had an ingenius idea.
I pulled out my old Taebo video and told him it was karate (ish).
He and Kacin took it very seriously
and did almost the whole video.

The Great Wheel

Seattle's own Ferris Wheel!

And the Beach Happened

and so we packed a dinner and went to the beach.

and tried not to think about how the Stock's would soon be leaving us.

and we built a fire.

and all the men gathered.
and looked very manly.

and the boys rejoiced on the water.
and walked on the water.
and hiked up their shorts and splashed through the water
and did push ups on the water.
and they did not want to leave the water
even though it was mighty cold, in my opinion.
and we snapped the best Allred-Stock picture ever.
and it only took 5 tries. 
and Rilla made her way into the water.

and was happy.

and boys climbed on the logs and rocks.

and chelsea took candid pictures.

and eventually we all made it up on the log.
 and then some of us nearly fell off.
and we smiled because no one actually fell to their death or a broken bone because parents are heroes.

and we were mad that Nash is a Laker now.
and so we burned him and found peace.

My 28

Celebrate 28!
The day before:
hiking with the E while the boys spent the morning at a friends house
The day of:
biscuits for breakfast,
a few family party games, and cake.
Because I didn't bake the cake until after dinner,
the boys frosted it while still warm so they could eat before bedtime. Creative boys turned the runny icing to look like melted wax below the candles. Beautiful.
a few days later:
dinner out and a ferris wheel,
but we only called it my birthday celebration to get the free dessert. I like dessert. I like free.

One Weekend

While Eric's mom was here we went on a few adventures.

Breakfast at Maltby Cafe . . .

 Country Village . . .
 The splash pad and a farmers market . . .

 Hello Stock's!
 Leavenworth . . .

21 Years to Complete

Back in the day, when I was about 7 years old, I got this coloring book from a church activity or class. It was copied coloring pages from The Friend magazine tied together with yarn. When my mom moved, she sent me a box of my stuff she found buried in the house. This book came to me in that box. Kacin saw it and claimed it to color in during sacrament meeting. Some of the pictures I had started coloring but never finished. So here, 21 years later, my 7 year old finished coloring all of the pictures.

The 4th of July

My 4th of July celebration was the greatest because
For one whole day I did not have to cook or clean up after a meal.
Happy, happy!
We had
a Church Breakfast,
a lunch BBQ with friends
and a dinner BBQ and fireworks with more friends.

I am sad I did not remember my camera at lunch.
Hence, no pics with the Stocks and Nielsens.
It was still fun and we still love them
even though there are no images to reflect that.

At the Dicksons,
there was a water fight,
a pinata,
and lots and lots of fireworks.