June 25, 2012

The Sun Does Come Out Sometimes

Either I should whine and complain more often
because it yields great results
I just need to remember
to hold on a little longer
because all bad days end
and sometimes the sun does come out.

Of his own accord,
one day at the end of last week,
E took a day off of work to stay home
to do yard work.
It was lovely having him home.
He came with me to drop the boys off at school.
He walked with me back to the school when Kacin forgot his lunch.
We ate lunch, ran errands,
and did get that yard work done together.

We postponed Saturday's rock-climbing adventure
because of the rain
and instead drove into Snohomish
for a couple of hours
to eat lunch and PIE.
yummy pie.
It started pouring on us
as we browsed shops.
We were very very wet when we got back into the car.
Kyler hung his socks to dry as we drove to the movie theater.

And then to end the day
we used the free tickets the boys got from school
to watch the Aquasox game.
The sky miraculously cleared
and the sun was shining on us during the whole game.