June 25, 2012


Kacin has started another business.
I thought after a day or two,
he would abandon the idea
but he is insistent that this will be his summer job.

How did he become the "the Expert at Cleaning Toilets"?
Well, one day he asked to earn money.
I told him he could clean the toilet
and a job really well done would earn him more money.
When he was finished that toilet was sparkling.
I gave him a dollar.
And he was so proud of his work.

The next day,
he got on the computer to design his flier.
He did it all himself.
Except to ask which phone number to put on there
and to double check his spelling of the word "toilet".
We printed it out and he drew his pictures--
him and a toilet.

I asked him what he was charging.
He said $20 for each toilet he cleans.
After explaining to him all that you can buy for $20
he dropped his price to $15.
After explaining that he needs to be fair to his customers,
he brought his price down to $7.
After explaining that if he gives everyone a good deal
he would attract more customers
and that if he does a great job he could earn tips
or raise his prices later
he settled at $1.50 a toilet.

So if you are looking for
an Expert Toilet Cleaner,
I know a guy.
Amy Honka said...

I would like to hire Kacin to clean my toliet when he comes, please! (How much does he charge?)

Barb said...

Not Amy, it's me the Grand Momma, but I am sure Amy also would like you to clean her toliet if you are ever back in Phx.!