June 18, 2012

Chef's K

Kacin loves to create his own recipes in the kitchen.
On this day, he wanted to make a treat.
He ended up baking a cake.
But not a plain ol' cake. 
His secret ingredients were marshmellows and chocolate kisses.
This was one of the best recipes he's come up with.
When it was finished,
we were too busy eating to take pictures. :)

Kyler's usually not too interested in cooking,
but when he saw Kacin in the kitchen
he decided to join us.
He volunteered to make a mac and cheese for dinner.
He chose out the pasta shells and a variety of cheeses
and, with just a tiny bit of guidance, added a little of this and that.
 And dinner was served.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Awesome! Man, you no longer need to worry about cooking dinner or making dessert! You have awesome kids to do it for you! Sweet! ;)