June 16, 2012

Catch Up

I have an iPad now.
An early birthday present
for me from E
because he wanted to take advantage of no sales tax
while in Oregon
two business trips ago.
I didn't even know I wanted an iPad.
But I guess I did
because I love it.
I think it is the first piece of fancy technology we've gotten
since my little ipod about 6 years ago.

I made a list on my iPad
of things to do this week.
Because iPad's can do that.
And it will type out what you speak to it.
The boys and I have too much fun
with that feature.
Maybe in the end it will help us all
to improve our speech and pronunciate better.
But until that time the boys can't stop laughing
when Kyler's phrase
"That is awesome"
turns into
"Dad is up dog".

On my To Do list
all week
has been
Catch Up On My Blog.
Because I haven't even finished documenting
the rest of my sister's visit.

So today
is that day.

Stefanie's and her family's Visit
Kacin and Kyler loved
playing with their cousins.


The zoo . . .


What I really want on my To Do list now
is Catch Up On Sleep.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Yay! I love all of those pics! I too have that on my list... oh wait... first thing on my list is to MAKE A LIST of things to do... and I have ALOT to do! Haha! I have gone wayyy to long without blogging or saving my pics! Gotta do it! So glad you got an ipad! That is so much fun! My Ipad does not have that cool talking feature! sweet! Enjoy!