May 3, 2012

The Rest of April

It seriously can't be May yet!
April went by so fast.
But, then again, when I look back
at all that I took pictures of,
and then think about what I didn't take pictures of,
April was a very, very full month!

We celebrated three years
since our sealing as a family in the Mesa temple.

We ran our first 5K as a family.
We stuck together and finished in 40 min.

With our running buddy, Holly,
(one of my sweet, energetic Beehives)
who stuck with us during the race.

A friendly game of toss the water bottle
while we waited for awards and the raffle.
I'm glad we waited
because we ended up winning
a $10 Safeway giftcard in the raffle.
And we immediately used it for donuts and drinks.

We painted the boys room.
They wanted a blue room.
And they wanted to paint it.
They each ended up painting
the lower half
of one of the walls.

What else happened in April?
Eric and I started girls camp preperations
for the 4th year hike again.
Kyler got serious about the Caldecott challenge
(to read all the Caldecott award winning books
before the end of school).
I started some tutoring again.
Kacin made lots of plans for inventions
and books he wants to write.
Eric and the boys faithfully tended to their chickens.
And Eric ate my easter candy I was saving.
So now I have to label all of my treats with my name
so he will not eat them.

And that's where we leave April.