May 21, 2012

The Flock

Oreo and Elvis are a few weeks old now.
They've spent a little time outside with the other chickens already
so they can get used to each other.
They almost got pecked a few times by the original four.
But Eric protected them.
These two chicks are much louder than the others were.
Sometimes when I'm in the house I can hear them from their box in the garage.
If they get any louder,
we may be having a chicken fry sooner rather than later. . .

The boys have taken on many of the responsibilities for the chickens now. They open their coop door in the mornings and clean out their coop on the weekends. They also feed the chickens scraps of food.
On nice days, the chickens are allowed to roam the backyard.
But I dislike the fact that no matter how many times I shoo them off,
the chickens make their way to our deck, which means their droppings do, too. Ick.