April 20, 2012


The Dr. told me
it would be ok to take a break
from patching Kacin's eye
for a few months.
Those were such happy
months for us
I didn't have to fight Kacin each day to wear his patch
nor did I
ever have to feel guilty if I forgot to put it on him
nor did Kacin
feel the need to fight and complain about his patch.
Fabulous months!
Well, we went to the eye dr. again.
Not the best news I've ever had.
We are back to work
trying to improve that eye
the last little bit.
But since Kacin did not want to wear the patch again,
he chose to use
atropin drops in his good eye.
You put it in once a day
and it makes his vision blurry for up to 12 hours
by dilating his pupil.

Yeah, so the first day of the drops,
I forgot to let Kacin's teacher know
that Kacin wouldn't be
able to see out of his left eye.
As luck may have it,
that was the day that the school
did vision screening on all the kids!!
Kacin said he got some letters right on his right eye
and even less on his left.

A big set back to the drops,
is that his pupil stays dilated
for many days after using them.
(We are now on day 5 of no drops
and he is still dilated.)
After three days of drops,
he changed his mind about them
and we are back to patching.
yippee (sarcasm)