April 13, 2012

9: Magic Kingdom Once More

We had one more day left
on our Disney resort passes,
so our last day at the Magic Kingdom
began at 7am
with an Extra Magic hour
when Eric dropped me and the boys off
before he headed to work.
For some reason, this day was not nearly as crowded
as the other days had been.
By 9am we had ridden 8 rides,
and had two fast passes at our disposal.
This last morning was a lot of fun
and not as rushed as the other days.
The day got even better
when Eric joined us around 1:30pm.
A few final Disney pictures . . .

The boys absolutely loved this.
They got magic cards from disney castmembers
to help Merlin on missions
to defeat the villians.
It was a bit like Harry Potter uses the Force
holding up different weapon cards at the stations.
They convinced us to let them complete
three missions during the day.

At Pirate Training
with Capt. Jack Sparrow . . .

Kacin was picked to come on stage
to take a Pirate's oath
and Capt. Jack touched his head!

I wish we could say
that we stayed until the park closed,
but 1am was just a little too late for all of us.
We headed back to the hotel
for one last night in Florida
around 10:30pm.

And that concludes
Disney World vacation 2012!
Jenna Allen said...

Wow! You were busy! This sounds excellent!

Stefanie Hyer said...

What a wonderful trip! Glad you guys got to go and have that experience together! I am excited for our next family vacation to visit you guys!!

Suzanne said...

Reading all about your trip makes me want to go take a family vacation -- that looked like some super fun times.