April 11, 2012

6: Universal Studios

Harry Potter!
Could that be Hogwarts in the background?

Yeah, this trip was not an exhibition of my photography skills,
the sign says
"Welcome to Hogsmeade"

 Never mind the blurriness--
we checked out the wands.

 And dined at
the Three Broomsticks.

 No Harry Potter visit
would be complete
without a taste of the delish

Though this picture
was not intended to demonstrate the crowds,
it does
because this was actually the least crowded intersection
in the Harry Potter area
for the majority of the day.
Really, the whole park was
ridiculously crowded,
which I guess we expected because of Spring Break.
We waited for at least 40 min.
for every single ride.
Which means I spent the whole day
cursing Universal
and praising Disneyland and their fast pass system.
 Hagrid's Hut
While the lines were too long,
the rides themselves were all pretty awesome.
The Harry Potter ride was sweet,
we loved Spiderman,
and the water rides left you absolutely soaked
which was perfect for the hot day.

But the highlight of Eric's day
seemed to be
meeting Mat Hoffman
after watching his bmx/skate show.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Wow! Sooo fun! We loved looking at all the pictures! Bryce wants to know what Uncle Eric is drinking!!? You will have to tell him in person!