April 7, 2012

4: Hollywood Studios

If I had to choose a favorite Disney park from our trip,
it may just be Hollywood Studios.
Of course, the Magic Kingdom is still
the most magical of them all.
But every ride here was one of the best
and the shows were pretty cool, too.
Tower of Terror has grown on me
and Kyler and I rode it 4 times.
We all loved Rock n Roller coaster, Toy Story,
and, of course, Star Tours.

To be part of Jedi training here,
you have to sign up for a time.
It fills up really quickly and we were lucky
we got a time for the boys.
However, we were most unlucky
because the only time it rained during our entire trip
was the hour and a half surrounding the boys Jedi training time.
Since its an outdoor show,
they had to cancel it.
Disappointing, but the boys still participated in
Star Wars trivia.
Kyler knew almost every question.
This one must have been a stumper
since he has his thinking face on.
But he was called on to answer many of the questions
and got them right.
They also took us into a room off of Star Tours
for pictures with Darth Vader.

After the Studio Backlot Tour,
we saw Darth's real costume!
And this Sith guy
who the boys can name
but I can not.

One of my favorites!
We watched  Muppet Vision 3D in the theater.
Kacin spent his souvenir money
on this misting fan.
It made him happy all week.

Autograph from Pooh bear
while Ky and I rode Tower of Terror.

The boys also loved the Stunt Car show
and Fantasmic at the end of the day.
Stefanie Hyer said...

That is so fun! I am glad you guys got to go! I am excited for our chance to go too! I am also excited to see you guys! Your boys are looking so much older! And your hair is long! It has been too long since I have seen you! Hopefully this year we will see you more often... May, possibly August, possibly Kacin's baptism, then maybe a visit from you?

Megan said...

I am so jealous! PS...the sith guy's name is Darth Maul. He is one of Tommy's favorites!! :)