April 4, 2012

3: Epcot

Two main events in our day at Epcot.
The first one is not for the weak of stomach.
The second is super awesome cool.

So I'll start with the first one.
Let's just say there's a reason why they put
barf bags in the Mission: Space ride.
And they get used.
For this ride you have two choices
for your experience--
green is milder than orange.
We started with green.
It was fun!
Two boys wanted to conquer orange.
As we waited for the doors to open
so we could take our seats in the
I got to thinking
how when my bro-in-law let us try the air force simulators
I got really dizzy
and that I don't even like pulling G's.
Then I saw them cleaning up the puke
from someone else who had just
ridden the ride
and I was out.
E thought he'd be fine.
That's a negative.
It's a good thing they had those bags I guess!
Of course, Kyler thought it was great!

Later on in the day,
we were in line to ride Soarin'.
We asked for the front row
so they had us step to the side to wait.
As we stood there,
a Disney cast member came up to us
and asked if we had ridden on the ride before.
We told him we had at Disneyland.
He asked us if we wanted the best seats
and a really amazing experience.
Uh, Yes!
He told us to follow him
and he brought us into a "secret" room.
There was another family there--
a mom, her teenage son, and his three friends.
It was never very clear,
but from what I gathered
this family was on a VIP tour
and the man was from guest relations.
He started telling us
about the three hidden Mickeys on Soarin',
how the idea for the ride came about,
that the people who created the ride and their families
are the ones on the rafts on the river
and a whole bunch of other interesting information.
One of the hidden Mickeys he mentioned
is on the golf ball that the golfer hits right at you.
He then told us that he's even heard that
you can reach out your hand and catch the ball.
The teenage boy affirmed
that he once saw someone at Disneyland catch it.
That made the boys believers and they were pumped
and ready to catch that ball.
The mom explained that she had heard
it helps if you shout
"I want that ball!"
We took our seats
front middle
with Kacin right next to the teenage boy
who was next to the
Disney man from Guest Relations.
When we got to the golf scene,
our entire row stretched out our arms
and shouted
"I want that ball!"
And what do you know?
Disney magic at its finest
the teenage boy revealed that he caught the golf ball!
He offered it to
wide eyed Kacin
and impressed Kyler.
So we now have the golf ball from the ride Soarin"!
I love Disney magic.

The only other pictures
I took on this hot day
were in cars
after riding Test Track.

Stefanie Hyer said...

I too love disney magic! That is so awesome!!! And gross that there is such a barfing ride! Usually when pilots first start learning in an airplane, or pulling Gs, they are very sick for a few weeks of it! There are even some who cannot handle it and cannot be pilots! If your boys didn't throw up... maybe he should be a pilot! =)