April 4, 2012

2: Magic Kingdom

A most magical day 
at the Magic Kingdom.
15 hours of fun (and crowds).
This is the day our feet hurt the most
because we were all over that park
working our fast passes.

Saying hello
to Mickey and his friends
when they rode in on the train
to open the park for the day.
First ride--
the Indy Speedway.

We tried to all ride together
on Prince Charming's Carrousel
but then some kid came and snatched
Kacin's horse before he could get on.
While Kacin and I moved back to another spot
and E was trying to figure out what was going on
his horse next to Kyler got taken.
In the end,
Eric and Kyler
rode all alone.

Almost had the sword out this time!

We explored Tom Sawyer's Island.

We also enjoyed the Electrical Light Parade,
Dole Pineapple Whip,
and the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor.
We thought we were safe
when we sat in the back row during the show.
Alas, we were not.
Well, I was not.
It was a funny show
until their camera went on me
and my face was up on the big screen
and I had to interact with a monster 
by making antennae on my head
and repeating silly noises
while he tried to guess the number I picked. 
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha! That is funny that you got picked! That looks like soo much family fun! Enjoy your vacation! Wish I could have been a fifth wheel!