March 19, 2012

A Walk Home from School

Due to parent teacher conferences
(and the fact that we never seem to have
a full week of school),
it is early release all week.
The sun was shining
so the snow was melting
and I had an idea.
I would walk to get the boys from school.
And as I was going there
I got to thinking
that Kacin may not be too thrilled
with a two mile walk home.
But it's all about the presentation.
I convinced myself if I said it just right
there would be no objections.
Kyler was game for an adventure home.
Kacin was game to stomp his feet at me.
After some persuasive
talk about all the fun I had planned
for the way home
and how he could trust me
and that good things happen to those with good attitudes,
we were off.
And I had 30 seconds to come up with some ways
to make walking
look as good as a trip to the fair.
I announced that first on my list of fun
was Follow the Leader!
I tried my hardest
not to look too embarrassed
to make everyone
driving by in their cars jealous
that they were not in on our game.
We skipped, twirled, walked backwards,
took giant steps, and baby steps down the road.
After we each had our turn as leader
Kacin was all smiles
and ready for my next big idea!
Which was . . .
which was . . .
got it--
everyone pick a color.
For the next two blocks
we each counted the cars we saw
that were the color we picked.
Two green cars,
Four red,
and seven blue.
First place prize
(well, and second and third place for that matter)
was a bag of fruit snacks.
Could I make this walk any more exciting?
Only with a final game of
"I'm going to Disneyworld,
and I'm going to see . . .a . . .b . . .c, etc."
And that did the trick.
We made it home.
No one's legs fell off.
Wade and Nancy said...

You are so smart. Kyler and Kacin I would love to walk two miles with you. Such a good idea.

Stefanie Hyer said...

You are such a wonderful mommy! Keep inspiring me!