March 4, 2012

I'll Keep Them

I love my family.

I love that we've been watching Merlin together almost every night. And Kyler thinks it's almost as great as Star Wars. Kacin is not scared as long as I am holding his hand the entire time.

I love that I find chicken coop designs doodled on papers around the house. That would be Eric.

I love that we are all excited together for our trip to Disney World in a few weeks. Oh yeah!! Kacin spends a lot of time on the Disney World website and is making a list of the rides we simply have to go on. We are planning and counting down the days. :)

I love that I just got interrupted as I was writing this because Ky came sleep walking down to me. I jumped when he announced his presence into the room by telling me that Kacin told him you have to get things sometimes. And then you put them back he says. I asked what he was going to do now and he told me he was going to cuddle with me. When I walked him back to his room he asked me if I liked Harry Potter and if I wish I was there. I said yes. And he laid his head down and was quiet.

I love that Kacin can't keep secrets or tell lies or hide it when he gets in trouble at school or church.

I love that Kyler so willingly jumps in to help with dishes and vacuuming.

I love how proud Kacin is when he comes home from a day at school in which his teacher paid him a compliment.

I love that Kyler is so determined to read the D&C this year and spends much of his free time working in his cub scout book.

I love that Eric and I have been working together to tackle projects around the house. Slowly, but surely.

I love that we are all planning a party to celebrate the day our couch arrives and we don't have to lay on the floor with the air mattress as our couch. Because an air mattress does not make a very good couch. 6 more days!
Stefanie Hyer said...

That is so funny that Kyler sleep walks and said that! I am so excited for you guys to go to Disney World! I can't wait until I can go, and when my kids are old enough to ride all the rides! Enjoy!!

Jenna Allen said...

I like this.
I am horrified that you still don't have a couch though.


Wade and Nancy said...

Love you guys too!