March 14, 2012

4th Times a Charm

Kacin was off to surgery this morning
for his 4th set of ear tubes.
After his last set fell out many months ago,
we've been monitoring his ears with monthly dr.'s visits.
The pressure in his ears wasn't balancing itself out though.
The eardrum was sucked in against the bone
causing a mild hearing loss.
Poor Kacin needed us to
repeat, speak louder, and turn up the volume
so he could hear.
Luckily, it was not permanent damage.
A pretty relaxed Kacin went into the surgery today.
He knew exactly what to expect
from the nurses, how they would help him fall asleep,
and the popsicles that would await him when he awoke.
And now, so it seems, this 4th set of tubes
has done the trick to restore his hearing.
I helped dizzy Kacin to lay on the couch
and turned on a movie,
and he asked me to turn the volume down.
And now he complains
that it is toooooo loud
when he flushes the toilet.
I just hope this set stays in for awhile
and helps those ears of his stay healthy.
Stefanie Hyer said...

I hope he continues to feel well! And hear well!