March 20, 2012

Next Steps

Last month we started the process
to become licensed foster parents again.
It's been the plan that once we bought a house
we would consider becoming foster parents.
We bought a house.
We considered.
And now we start the process.
The long process.
So while other people visit dr.'s
and experience contractions
and the like,
my labor pains
started with a three hour orientation
followed by 27 hours of training,
6 hours of first aid/cpr,
and E and I each writing a 20 page novel about ourselves
in the form of an application.
To start.
Then after the licensing department finally gets around to it
they will process our paperwork,
we will get fingerprinted,
and wait up to 2 months for background checks to come back.
In the meantime,
we prepare our house
with locks on cabinets, fire escape ladders,
and beds and clothes ready for all children from 0-6.
If back ground checks pass the test,
we complete the homestudy
with three visits from our licenser.
And then
we will receive our license
to be official Washington foster parents.

In going into this,
there are many things I could be worried about
 . . .
who will we get? boy, girl, baby, toddler, child
how many kids will join us? one or maybe two
how long will they stay? a day, a month, a year, forever
when will they get here? next month, 4 months from now
. . .
It is scary not knowing what will happen
but it would be scarier
not knowing that a loving Heavenly Father
is there to give us
more strength than ever we could have on our own
and more peace than ever we could feel without Him.
I read the scriptures, and I know who to trust.
I pray, and my mind is clear.
I attend the temple, and I feel peace and understanding.
I feel blessed to understand now
that there is no need to worry and fear
and harbor bitterness for the things I can't control
because all things work together for good.

March 19, 2012

A Walk Home from School

Due to parent teacher conferences
(and the fact that we never seem to have
a full week of school),
it is early release all week.
The sun was shining
so the snow was melting
and I had an idea.
I would walk to get the boys from school.
And as I was going there
I got to thinking
that Kacin may not be too thrilled
with a two mile walk home.
But it's all about the presentation.
I convinced myself if I said it just right
there would be no objections.
Kyler was game for an adventure home.
Kacin was game to stomp his feet at me.
After some persuasive
talk about all the fun I had planned
for the way home
and how he could trust me
and that good things happen to those with good attitudes,
we were off.
And I had 30 seconds to come up with some ways
to make walking
look as good as a trip to the fair.
I announced that first on my list of fun
was Follow the Leader!
I tried my hardest
not to look too embarrassed
to make everyone
driving by in their cars jealous
that they were not in on our game.
We skipped, twirled, walked backwards,
took giant steps, and baby steps down the road.
After we each had our turn as leader
Kacin was all smiles
and ready for my next big idea!
Which was . . .
which was . . .
got it--
everyone pick a color.
For the next two blocks
we each counted the cars we saw
that were the color we picked.
Two green cars,
Four red,
and seven blue.
First place prize
(well, and second and third place for that matter)
was a bag of fruit snacks.
Could I make this walk any more exciting?
Only with a final game of
"I'm going to Disneyworld,
and I'm going to see . . .a . . .b . . .c, etc."
And that did the trick.
We made it home.
No one's legs fell off.

March 14, 2012

4th Times a Charm

Kacin was off to surgery this morning
for his 4th set of ear tubes.
After his last set fell out many months ago,
we've been monitoring his ears with monthly dr.'s visits.
The pressure in his ears wasn't balancing itself out though.
The eardrum was sucked in against the bone
causing a mild hearing loss.
Poor Kacin needed us to
repeat, speak louder, and turn up the volume
so he could hear.
Luckily, it was not permanent damage.
A pretty relaxed Kacin went into the surgery today.
He knew exactly what to expect
from the nurses, how they would help him fall asleep,
and the popsicles that would await him when he awoke.
And now, so it seems, this 4th set of tubes
has done the trick to restore his hearing.
I helped dizzy Kacin to lay on the couch
and turned on a movie,
and he asked me to turn the volume down.
And now he complains
that it is toooooo loud
when he flushes the toilet.
I just hope this set stays in for awhile
and helps those ears of his stay healthy.

March 13, 2012

Why I Won't Be Kissing E Anymore

No one's lips should get that close to a chicken.
Even if it's just for a picture.
Dis. turb. ing.

March 4, 2012

I'll Keep Them

I love my family.

I love that we've been watching Merlin together almost every night. And Kyler thinks it's almost as great as Star Wars. Kacin is not scared as long as I am holding his hand the entire time.

I love that I find chicken coop designs doodled on papers around the house. That would be Eric.

I love that we are all excited together for our trip to Disney World in a few weeks. Oh yeah!! Kacin spends a lot of time on the Disney World website and is making a list of the rides we simply have to go on. We are planning and counting down the days. :)

I love that I just got interrupted as I was writing this because Ky came sleep walking down to me. I jumped when he announced his presence into the room by telling me that Kacin told him you have to get things sometimes. And then you put them back he says. I asked what he was going to do now and he told me he was going to cuddle with me. When I walked him back to his room he asked me if I liked Harry Potter and if I wish I was there. I said yes. And he laid his head down and was quiet.

I love that Kacin can't keep secrets or tell lies or hide it when he gets in trouble at school or church.

I love that Kyler so willingly jumps in to help with dishes and vacuuming.

I love how proud Kacin is when he comes home from a day at school in which his teacher paid him a compliment.

I love that Kyler is so determined to read the D&C this year and spends much of his free time working in his cub scout book.

I love that Eric and I have been working together to tackle projects around the house. Slowly, but surely.

I love that we are all planning a party to celebrate the day our couch arrives and we don't have to lay on the floor with the air mattress as our couch. Because an air mattress does not make a very good couch. 6 more days!