February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day

Kyler and Kacin worked hard
making Valentine's for their classes.
Some of them turned out more
like monsters than valentine's
but I thought they were cute nonetheless.

The boys were very invloved in making candy bar surprise cookies this year.
They nearly rolled all of the cookies themselves.
Yum, yum.

Eric is so good to me.
So awhile back I mentioned that since I'm always the one planning games
I don't really get to particiapte.
He sweetly agreed to make our Valentine's day plans.
He emailed me with two riddles for the boys and me to solve.
They led us to the grocery store to buy a heart shaped balloon.
Once we bought the balloon we were supposed to call him.
We figured out the answer to the next riddle was a local pizza place.
He met us there for a heart shaped pizza dinner and some arcade games.
Another riddle led us to Costco where we picked out a treat
(to Kacin's disappointment a box of granola bars, not ice cream)
and the boys bought me flowers.
Then we filled up our cart with all the regular costco items we needed to buy.
Eric's last riddle brought us to Lowe's to buy a part to fix our leaky toilet.
Even though half of our Valentine's celebration
was getting errands done,
we had an absoultely wonderful evening together.
And I think Eric is the sweetest man in the world.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe! that is sooo sweet! Glad you got to participate!