February 5, 2012

Such is Life

I've always known that if I don't write it down,
I'll probably forget about it.
But when I don't write it down correctly,
it doesn't help.
Contrary to what was written on my calendar,
Kyler's basketball game was at 12pm, not 3 pm.
We missed it.
Rather disappointing.
The extra hour in our day
did allow the three men in the house
to put up the trampoline.

I actually spent more than $10 on a new shirt.
And then I proceeded to shrink it in the dryer.
It will make a stylish shirt for someone's baby doll.

Eric arrived home safely after another
week of business travel.
I'm jealous that he is now ahead of me
in our race to visit the 50 states.

We have cardboard coming out of ears.
We bought bookshelves.
And a new desk.
We completely
top to bottom
filled our living room with cardboard pieces.
We are discovering hundreds of things to do with cardboard.
So while the office is now cleaned up,
the living room is a mess.

Such is our crazy life.
Suzanne said...

I love the picture! Keep your chins up - such IS life!