February 26, 2012

Chicken Sunday

This week:
One. We fed the chicks worms.
Two. I nearly crushed one to death
 and Kacin won't let me forget it.

One: Worms.
Chickens like worms.
And they go ballistic when they get one.
This was an evenings entertainment.
 Can you find the worms?
It was right under her nose
and she didnt get it.

We resorted to dangling the worms in front of them.

Two. Near Death
When we were working on the never ending
project of organizing the garage,
bumped the chicken box with a bike.
A chicken started cheeping
a lot
so I finished putting away the bike
and went and checked on them.
When I bumped the box,
the water fell over
and landed on one of the chicks
trapping it.
The poor thing.
Kacin is not happy with me
for nearly crushing the chicken to death.
He also says it took me too long to go and help it.
And that I made her lose feathers. 
But I assure you
that despite the fact I am far from being an animal lover
I did not do it on purpose
she is just fine now.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Yes, I still can't believe you have chickens! Way cool!